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Beypore Beach Beypore or Beypur is a small coastal census town in Kozhikode district in the state of Kerala, India. Tippu Sultan named the town 'Sultan Pattanam'. This place also has a small port and a beautiful beach.Beypore beach being the cynosure of all eyes here as a travel tour to Beypore would showcase before all and sundry. Beypore has long history of being a centre for shipbuilding since the first century AD, and it was further expanded under the East India Company during the early nineteenth century. The Beypore beach is an ideal place for relaxation and unwinding yourself.

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Facilities in Beypore Beach

The Beautiful sandy beach punctuated with wonderful palm groves is also blest with the Vijaya Beach Park with a great entertainment facility for the visitors-boating. Another attraction here is the nearby lighthouse.

Beypore Beach Location

The Beypore beach is located at the mouth of the River Chaliyar in the vicinity of Kozhikode (Calicut) in North Kerala.The Beypore Beach in Calicut is a striking expanse of enormous land and turquoise blue sea. Nature will cuddle in its arms on the tranquil shores of this beach. The continual Arabian Sea lap at the feet as one stands on the squashy sands watching the sunset.

Places to visit near by Beypore Beach

Pulimuttu is the local name of the 1 km long bridge made of stone stretching in to sea. It is made by piling stones like a pathway to sea. Beypore light house is situated at the south bank of chaliyar, Uru (Big boat) - The boat building yard here is famous for the construction of the Uru, the traditional Arabian trading vessel. Its build using teak from Malaysia nowadays, but before it was using indigenous teak from Nilambure forest which was transported through water channels (called 'therppan').