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Kappad Beach

Kappad Beach Waiting to be rediscovered, the rock studded Kappad beach contains some spectacular setting against a backdrop of crystal clear blue waters of the Arabian Sea, secluded and unspoilt, and palatable beach shacks, all the ingredients of a wonderful beach holiday in Kerala.

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Located 3 kilometres away from Chemancheri Railway Station and 45kilometres from Calicut International Airport, Kappad beach is one of Kerala's most fascinating beaches. Untouched by tourist rush, the beach offers awe-inspiring landscape where passions explode.

For the historically minded, Kappad beach comes lauded as a place where five centuries ago on 27th May 1498, 170 men led by the Portuguese navigator Vasco da Gama had landed, opening a new sea route from Europe to India. A small stone monument commemorating the event is installed in the beach.

Known as Kappakkadavu in the local parlance, Kappad beach is still untouched by the touristy hordes. Life proceeds at a polite pace here at the beach. You can enjoy leisurely walks on this deserted yellow sand beach. This is a place to relax as it is secluded.

An eight century old temple on the rocks is an added attraction.

The best way to access the Kappad beach is through the scenic backwaters of Korappuzha river.