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Varkala BeachTravelers to Varkala are in for a visual treat. Its scenic beauty has the potential of appealing to your sense of sight. Situated in an incredible landscape, the Varkala beaches are sites of great significance for beach vacationers.

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Papanasham Beach is the most popular of the beaches at Varkala. One who visits this beach is highly rewarded thanks to the sun-kissed white sands, blue water, and a large number of accommodation options that are galore here.

The beach's main claim to fame is the magnificent red cliffs overlooking the Arabian Sea. Perhaps the best place to soak in Papanasham's natural beauty is from the top of the cliff, which affords not only a bird's eye view of the surroundings.

Varkala Papanasham BeachUnwinding yourself by lying comfortably against the powdery sands of Papanasham Beach is a wonderful experience. The beach combines a perfect walk with world class water sports facilities. For the adventure enthusiasts, Parasailing, scubadiving and parasailing are the activities they can indulge in. Though one can go for swimming precaution must be taken due to strong underwater currents.

Dining at the restaurants lining the Papanasham Beach is an unforgettable experience. These restaurants provide some of the best fresh-from-the-ocean seafood that will appeal to your taste buds.

Varkala is also a sacred site attracting large number of devotees who come here to visit the two thousand year old Vishnu Shrine of Janardhanaswamy.

It is believed by the faithful that by bathing in the waters of the Papanasham Beach one can purify themselves of all sins. This beach is situated just an hour's drive away from Kovalam and easy to get to. If your idea of a good holiday is a holiday away from the hordes, Thiruvambadi Beach at the Varkala is a pretty safe bet. Also known as the Black Sand Beach, Thiruvambadi Beach with its black sands, is an ideal place to spend your time far from the madding crowd.